Teatre i århus store patter suget

teatre i århus store patter suget

Loft Block A pulley mounted to the gridiron or support steel that supports and changes the direction of a lift line cable between the load and the head block. De både danske og internationale danseforestillinger er på et højt kunstnerisk niveau, hvor ambitionerne er store. Dead End The end of a rope or part of a device that is not active or load carrying. Over Speed Brake Any brake that is controlled to recognize when the speed exceeds a preset threshold and then acts to stop the controlled load. Point Hoist A single line winch, used singularly or in groups, to hold a load at a specific point over the stage. Teatret er Aarhus' progressive teater. The hose or cable is connected at the hub of the drum so the connection to other systemsis maintained as the drum rotates. Back to Top K Back to Top L Lattice Track A parallel pair of angles or other structural members that guide an arbor or clew. Cable Reel A drum for holding hose or various types of electrical cable that winds using springs or a motor. Cues and presets can be created, modified, stored, and replayed. The gearing produces a mechanical advantage in speed and load capacity. Usually consisting of one or two beams and associated bracing members. Continental Seating A seating arrangement with access aisles only at the ends. Se på kort, læs mere, aarhus Teater, aarhus Teater er et historisk teater midt i centrum af byen.

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See J-Guide, A-Guide, Lattice Track, T-Guide, and Wire Guide. Firelines connect the curtain to all manual electrical and heat activated devices that release the safety curtain. Det traditionsrige Helsingør Theater blev indviet i 1817, og i de smukke lokaler opførte både omre. Wire Rope A wire rope consists of a number of strands laid helically about a metallic or non-metallic core. Live Load That part of a system load that may be added or deleted (i.e. 100 percent fullness means that the curtain would be double its finished width before the pleats are made. It is often the curtain closest to the audience and may also perform the function of an "Act Curtain." Front of House (FOH) A generic term for areas of the theater other than the stage, usually referring to the audience and lobby areas. Guide Shoe A rolling or sliding device that connects a counterweight arbor or sliding tension block to guide rails in order to guide its travel. Low friction slides or roller guides are placed on both sides of the device to be guided. Gearmotor The combination of a gearbox and motor in a single unit.

teatre i århus store patter suget

Fleet Angle The angle formed between the centerline of a sheave or drum and another sheave or fixed point. Tormentor Another name for a leg curtain. Failsafe A device or design that fails to a safe state. Brail Winch A winch designed to work as part of a rigging system to raise and lower a curtain from its bottom support using cables run through rows of rings on the back of the curtain. Cross Over A hallway, outside of the stage house or behind the masking curtains, to allow performers and technicians to move from one side of the stage to the other without being seen. Orchestra Pit Lift A section of the orchestra pit floor that may be raised and lowered by some mechanical (typically motorized) means. It provides mounting locations for rigging equipment and access to that equipment for inspection and maintenance. Astm, american Society for Testing of Materials. Friction causes the rope to travel with the rotating drum. Sheave A component with a groove around its circumference to support and contain a rope or cable and a bearing at its center to permit rotation about a shaft.

Slack Line A cable that droops or leaves the sheave or drum groove because it lacks tension in the line. Beam Clamp A device from which a load is hung, attached to the flange of a steel beam without altering the beam in any way. Run-Away Theater term which indicates an out of balance batten that is out of the operators control. Skip to main content, arhaus wellness tyskland nøgen sugardaters LogoEmpty BagFull BagStore Locator PinScratchy Arrow LeftScratchy Arrow RightScratchy Arrow RightEmpty HeartFull HeartEmpty BoxShort Vertical Scratchy LineUser IconWish List (for nav)Visit Arhaus on FacebookVisit Arhaus on HouzzVisit Arhaus on InstagramVisit Arhaus on PinterestVisit Arhaus on YouTubeUp ArrowChat IconCheck markTabzoomarrow. Straight Lift Curtain A curtain that can be raised (opened) without folding in any way. Pendant A hand held controller that is attached to an electrical cable so the operator can move about to obtain better telefon sex græsk restaurant flensburg visibility of the devices being controlled. Under Hung Hung from the bottom of a beam or structure. Breaking Strength The load at which a failure occurs. Variable Speed A device that is capable of operating at various speeds. Note: If the piece is counterbalanced, the weight balance will shift as the piece is tripped. A model national building code that was created to replace regional building codes such as boca and UBC. Capstan Winch A winch, usually portable, with an un-grooved drum designed to assist in moving heavy loads.

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